Friday, July 15, 2011

Introduction of Cindy(Chuqiao LI)

My name is Li Chuqiao, my father named me by this because the Chinese word "Qiaochu" means to be an excellent person. To make my abbreviation the same as my Chinese name, I named myself "Cindy". I'm educated in Wuhan University, as a freshman of French major. For this trip, I'd like to know more about the Latin Family Language and different kinds of atmosphere on campus. The first class here is a little task to the Haggerty Hall, happened to be a place for affaires of foreign students and language education. There, I get to know the culture diversity and interaction in this campus. Yes of course, the character of OSU can be found everywhere, both active and acdemical. Maybe, it's the difference in educational factor that makes OSU more attractive and mysterious to me. And I believe I will enjoy everyday here, because I do love here~~
J'aime cette université et la vue du campus est vraiment très belle!! J'adore ça!!

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