Saturday, July 23, 2011


The evening we went for the baseball game really impressed me a lot.

We know that it could be kind of boring living in the midwest of America. After a long day working, watching a baseball game with friends in a stadium could be really a casual time for relaxation.

Maybe baseball is not that kind of spectator sports with vital or power like basketball and American football, the spirit of cooperation and fair can really inspire American people's enthusiasm for this game. It doesn't matter whether a player is the strongest, the fastest, the best pitcher or an excellent batter, he can find a role that will just fit him the best and he can make a contribution for the whole team.

Just watch a game for hours and applaud for a home run can be really relaxed.

Though Chinese students may not be able to appreciate the game as American people, I DO hope we can enjoy with Cracker Jack and have fun!

Carpe diem!


  1. Carl, the game was really unforgettable for me, and it was so cool to see you guys, for the most part, really just chilling out in the stands and enjoying the night. Your pictures and writing give us a really good memory of those moments. Thank you.


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