Wednesday, July 20, 2011

baseball day~

It was a hot and muggy afternoon, though sleepy I am ,I had to go for class. I drag myself out of the bed and rushed to the lobby to meet with others .

In the classroom, we met Peter who was going to give us a lesson about baseball game ---the national game of America. I had to admit that the class was so interesting that I can hardly be absent-minded. Peter told us about the general things about this ball game .say ,like the rules ,the equipment you need ,the time a match usually takes .He also led us into a deeper thinking about why Americans have such a strong crush on this ball game., what trigger out Americans enthusiasm about this game ,what the personalities about Americans showed by this game and what characteristics are cherished by people in this nation.

We were shown some videos, pictures ,music and some stuffs (like balls ,gloves ,snacks ) in order to get a better understanding and feeling about this game from every possible aspects .During the whole class .Peter imitated the funny voices and actions of the player and umpire which made us laugh out loudly .we were also required to learn how to sing a song which is a traditional part of the match and to hold a debate about whether the baseball game will be popular in China in the future years . Passionate and creative as my classmates are ,we came about all kinds of reasons which made a fierce ,wonderful and successful debate .

I’d like to say the classes (no matter what is the subject about ) are really different with the classes I have taken in my university . It’s the way the professor guide his students, the truly friendly and harmony atmosphere and the varied methods to give a certain class matters. I can hardly feel distances between professors and students which are usually exist in Chinese classrooms.

Anyway, We are going to a watch a match later on and have snacks, sing songs as the Americans do. I really looking forward it because it’s such a wonderful and interesting way to experience culture of this land .


Take me out with the crowd

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack

I don’t care if I never get back

let me root ,root, root for the home team

if they don’t win ,it’s a shame

For it’s one ,two ,three, strikes, you are out

At the old ball game .


  1. Michelle, great job! So glad you enjoyed Pete's class so much and it's obvious you learned a lot there. We really love baseball and we know it's tough for you to appreciate the way we do, but thanks for trying, and I think you'll like it even more once we PLAY whiffleball/baseball together.

  2. Wow, Michelle--that's really terrific. I find that sometimes it's easier to understand things by writing about them. Maybe your mind works the same way.
    I can't wait to play some ball with you all on Monday.

  3. haha ~thanks ~i 'd like to have a try and check out what you said ,the difference between boys and girls when they first start playing baseball


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