Saturday, July 23, 2011

What a nice trip to freedom center~~

After the crazy shopping in the tanger market, we arrived at the National Underground Railroad Unfreedom Center, which was located in cincinati. The grand building and colors reminded us of the deep history this museum was burdened with. And the deep thoughts it wanted to conveyed to us made us meditate along the way through the museum.
Freedom is one of the things that is indispensable to all the human being. The way of abolishing slavery in fact is a way of pursuing freedom. The museum want to use the pictures and articles of history to relive the hardship of the way to freedom. The thing that impress me most was the wooden cottage that was once used by the slave owner to imprison and torture the slaves. Standing in front of the cottage, we are really shocked by the slave owners' lack of human natures and the slaves' suffering form all these crimes.
At the end of the trip in museum, it is heartburn to see that many crimes of freedom are still existent in some districts. There are still many works remained for us to do.However this trip really bring us much thoughts. And we learned a lot form this trip in freedom center.Meanwhile thank the kind instructor,who is really patient and learned, for guiding us around the center.And many thanks to Mike and Pete and Allysia and other teachers,who arranged this for us all.What a wonderful day!

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