Saturday, July 16, 2011

Will is here

Hello here!This is Will,卜文博.I am not very good at saying something, I'm from HuBei China,which is in the north part of China.My major is software engineering,you can treat me as a repairman for your computer,sounds not bad,right?
  I really have had a great time for this three days.All kinds of fabulous sceneries,patient teachers,and Hans,Pete and Mike give us a perfect impression to American people.And Columnbus has a really good climate here, warm sunshine ,beautiful clouds,and trees everywhere.I love this place!
  After the introduction of OSU,I get to feel a little bit of American culture,which I feel freedom and creation in it. I love this atmosphere,and I love Ohio State University,for  people here ,buildings here, sceneries here,and culture here!

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