Thursday, July 28, 2011

What great honor I feel today!

  Yes,we have been to Washington DC for one day,which gives me a quite deep impression of America.It is the capital of America,when I lay on the soft grass near the monument,I think to myself.
  It is really fabulous here,including buildings and people.Polite and considerate I think are the most suitable words to describe American people.Grand and glorious I think are the most suitable words for the buildings here,including the two temples,Lincoln Memorial and  Thomas Jefferson Memorial.They show me how Americans respect their presidents,who make great contributions to America's development.
  Then it comes to the The National World War Ⅱ Memorial.We recognized that it also shows all the states' name  on it like Lincoln Memorial did.
  I think water,especially still water,is used to show Americans' feelings.Still,or silent,keep me thinking of myself,and something, something I can figure out exactly.    But I love the atmosphere during the walk.
  Another such a great place,and such a great day~~~~~

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  1. Will, your attitude has been so fun and hopeful the whole thip, and it's great to see you enjoying the atmosphere. Thanks for the post and I agree: it was really a fine day, despite the heat!

    We are strong!



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