Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comment for Joy's post on the "loop" when trying to comment

joy, you must be signed in to make a comment on the blog, so if you are not signed in, you will get that window asking you to sign in no matter what.

if you are signed in, there should not be a word verification for writing comments, as i have that feature turned off.  yet, i wonder if the system is detecting some chinese characters and thus as a protection against hacking, it is asking for more sign-ins than normal.  this is just a guess.

another issue that michelle showed me was that the blog would not let her sign in, and we could not figure out the reason.  so i wondered if it was her browser or the settings, and we decided to just download for free at the application Firefox browser.  when Michelle did this and used it instead of Internet Explorer, guess what?  it worked great in Firefox but poorly in Explorer.  here's the link if you want to free download it:

so try these solutions.  they don't take long, and i hope soon we solve the problem of this "loop" for comments.

if all else fails, just write a New Post and in the title, put Comment for ? and write your comment that way!

i'm going to copy this one as an example!


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  1. Hi, Mike. I previously have the same problem with Joy, but after I try the Firefox, there is no problem any more. So we can make comment now. Thank you for your suggestion~


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