Saturday, July 16, 2011

MIchelle ~~

My name is Michelle from Wuhan university ,which is one of the most prestigious universities in China. AS a senior student in Economic and Management school , i major in finance and really love this major from the button of my heart .Travelling and doing some exercises are always on the top of my list whenever i have leisure time .i have been to almost two third part of China , India, and other 11 courtiers in Europe. For the same reason ,which is to broaden my horizon and experience different culture life ,I come to American this summer time .Being arrived in America for 4 days from now ,I have never regretted to participate in this fantastic and fabulous exchange program and really appreciate this precious chance offered by OSU and WHU.

--------Michelle (Zhang Qing Ning)

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  1. Michelle, since you love to travel and exercise, this is the right place for you! Hope you will enjoy the RPAC and all your time here. Thanks for your nice post and pictures.


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