Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Body holds stories. Body holds life.

In the dance class, we all become dancers.

Sway, turn round and round......

Though our dance movement may not standard, even looks a little funny, we all enjoy and relax ourselves, to some extent, we have touched a new area with our body.

Dance, used as a form of expression and presented in a spiritual setting.The movements of dancer express what we see, feel, hear, touch, smell and taste in a beautiful dance.What really struck me is two young men dance on the stilts (actually I don't know how to describe the tools in accurate phrase.) They rotate toward the same direction at the same speed in their intersected world; they light up the sparkle of life, dance the melody of life, and create a eternal world hand in hand.A phrase comes into my mind-"dance with shackle". The dance is a story, a story of life, a story about struggling for the fate.

"Body holds stories" , a dancer says to us. I like this expression. I love dancing, though I may just simply purse the sensory meet . I love dancing, though using body language is not my forte. I love it, just because I can find myself in it.

Body holds not only stories, but also life.

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