Sunday, July 24, 2011

Visitng muesum is really a good way to learn ~

We visited National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati.As we went around the center . I was shocked by the miserable situation of slaves whose life were totally controlled by their masters and was also moved by the every inspiring and challenging steps taken by people who had a desire to change the world .The heroes in the history led a tough and formidable march to emancipate the slavery in America . The whole tour reminds me of the foundation of our party and its development in China which was also a movement for liberation and also think highly of courage ,cooperation ,perseverance and freedom as shown by the Underground Railroad ‘s members Actually .I ‘d really like to stay a whole day in the museum and read the writings and pictures to figure out a certain field of a country’s history in order to get a better understanding .History is really important to almost every countries because it differentiate countries from each other ,remind people of what happened and how the country went through ,and most of all, help people think about the life and who and when we are .

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