Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello,every one, I'm Sherry!

I am Sherry from Wuhan University. I feel honored that I have this opportunity to experience American culture and to make many new friends in OSU. I am majored in Automation of Mechanical and Power Engineering Department. We have been here for several days and I really appreciated each day I spent here. Before I've been here, I had worried about the culture difference between Americans and Chinese might make me feel it difficult to adapt. However, people I have come across here were mostly quite friendly and they were always ready to help you. This left a deep impression on me and made me more engaged to communicate with local guys. We have visited many parts of OSU already and I deeply adored it and wish I could have more chances to get a closer look at it .
Special thanks to Mike, Pete, Hans and the staff members who are always willing to give us a warm welcome and ready to give help to us.

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  1. Sherry, keep up the great work and it's clear you are really trying. We appreciate it!


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