Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hey!April is coming!

Hey,I am April,and my chinese name is Fuyun.I am glad to be one of the members in this exchange program.I am a freshman majored in electronic commerce from information science school in whu university.I quite enjoyed the days being here,in OSU,which is a fantastic school with extraordinary facilities,complete infrustracture,qualified teaching standard,and most importantly ----quite nice people from all over the world.Thanks for the good arrangement ,I won't forget this unforgettable trip.
As a student majored in electronic commerce,I am quite interested in the development of EC,SNS, USA.Since I treasure this chance to visit USA very much,I am going to hand out some simple questionnaires inOSU,which is about the current situation of the SNS,LBS among the college students in USA.I wanner to listen to some advice about it and I will be very exciting to talk with you about these topics.And I hope to listen to some advice about how to apply for MIS in USA.
Thank you for your nice treatment.I am really impressed by this trip.

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  1. April, it's great to know you have plans and goals for your trip here, including your questionnaire. Very happy to hear from you on the blog and keep up the good work!


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