Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something interesting

We have had some great days during the time; of course we have gained so much memorable experience, before talking about them, I want to talk about something interesting.
Today we had spent plenty of time shopping in the mall. When we went to the mall in the afternoon for the second time, I just want to buy a beach pants which can fix to my red Ohio State shirt because I had already buy enough things in the morning so I needn’t to buy anything else. But although the demand is clear and simple, I went to all the sports stores but just can’t find any pants which can fix my shirt well.
Obviously, this mall is enough big and every store have enough clothing. But it just can’t fix my demand. If we believe people can enjoy a clothing style among hundreds or thousands of it, then the small probability event is happening.
Something must be challengeable. Although the designer has already design a lot of different kinds of style, for a person is hundred percent during one choice even though for the company it maybe just thousandth or parts per million among all the styles. Even though for a particular person, in different situation and different use of the stuff, the choice can be different.
So, when a company is trying to give some services to costumers, it will never seems to be to well prepared. Because for different independent individuals, it may have different required in different situation, and for each particular situation, it is hundred percent for this individual. The Apple had already got one million different kinds of software, is that seems enough? I can confidently say that your answer is no, in different situations you will have different requirement, and your requirement itself is explanting quickly. So if the Apple stops to create new kinds of software, it will die quickly. We live in the society, we meet challenges everyday and every challenge is different form one anther. We have to continue to prepare for it. If we stop the preparing, the new challenge might be a big problem for us, and for each new challenge, it is hundred percent for ourselves. So keep moving is the only way to get survived. And this sense seems simple, but it is very important. And thousands of years ago, the Chinese thinker Mengzi, who is a great thinker of the Confucianism, has already point out, is “Hardship will lead to prosperity, while comfort will incur destruction.”

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