Saturday, July 23, 2011


We had a great trip to Cincinnati today, not only because of the wonderful shopping experience, but the museum trip itself. First, i want to say something about the shopping trip, yesterday Pete asked me why Chinese students love shopping so much when we heading back to Archer House, i told him the makeups and fashion clothes are cheaper here, and then Pete asked me: so these Chinese students spend a large amount of money to come to US for cheaper shopping? Lol... I dont know why, but this crazy shopping abroad is happening, maybe it is more strict for quality and we'll fell much safer than in China. It is much more cheaper actually.
Then, i want to talk something about the trip to the museum from we saw so many horrible things, such as the history of slavery, the "slave" things happening today. Actually i dont know much about the history of civil war as well as what happening there during that period. But i do believe that the cause of the "slave" thing is the poverty, which encourages people to earn their living through the illegal methods. And there goes a horrible disaster in Wenzhou, my hometown, it is a train tailgated another one, and caused 35 death and more than 200 injured, that not the worst thing, it's the Chinese people, using this disaster to hit the government without paying any attention to the disaster itself, especially those who always talking about democracy, freedom, equality and trying to arouse the people's hate to the government. The public opinion in China is: the presidents do not care people not in the least; everything government did is wrong; all the officer r bad. I dont think that China will become democratic with these persons, i'd rather choose to give the next generation better education then trying to be democratic.
God bless Wenzhou!!!

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