Sunday, July 24, 2011

A marketing day

From Culombus to Cincinnati .Our group spent a whole day on the way between this two Ohio city.Because of last night' playing.Food court is longest place I stayed during the trip.By the way,
Thanks Mike Pete and Elly to bring me to the Waffle house .I enjoy the American traditional food especially the Waffle cake .
To be a transformer fans,I've also seen a lots of Primes running on the freeway.That is American'own track culture .Many huge cars running from the factory to the city which may be the foundation of the American economic lifeblood.
In the marketing.I was amazed even the boy are crazy about shopping .That was so interesting .Those guys with me in this trip they might buy the Rolex Watch for his dad,the LV bag for her mom or sports T-shirts for himself.And lots of goods we bought are made in China! What a pity that I didn't buy any luxury for my family in this trip.

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