Sunday, July 24, 2011

days in USA

We have been in USA for a long time.During this period,I think something I learn ,something I think is what I can never experience in china.We went to the zoo,and we went to the government, and we went to the museum . . . But what impress me most is the life of international students here in Amercia.
In china, since people are becoming weathly, studying abroad is becoming more and more popular, which make many people think it is always a more decent choice to study abroad than study domestically, leading people send their children to foreign countries blindly. But when I talked with some international students here, I found it is more important for these students to have the ability to " survive " rather than the ability to study which was a strength for many chinese students. Many people may thought studying abroad was cool while they neglected the hardship and barrier here in another country. You had to conquer anything by yourself since you had no parents beside you, and since the price here is much higher than the price in china. Many students had to cook by thenselves, make furnat furnature by themselves, even when there is something bad happen, the police may be not so kind to help you just because you are not Amercian.
During this trip, I experienced the spirit of freedom, love, equality.People here were very nice,and the government here was so open, which really made me surprise. I really appreciate it.
At last , we are very sorry that sometimes we lack the sense of being on time. And we will do our best during the last few days in USA. I really enjoy the trip here and be thankful to teachers here responsible for our trip.


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