Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Many thanks to our friends in OSU!

Today we left OSU for Washington DC, and I really felt a sense of sorrow when I came to realize that I should leave. But I will never forget my friends here. Neither will I forget the lovely campus. Each of our friends in OSU has not only provided us with considerate care but also inculcates us with many valuable life principles. Trying to think about others’ feelings, trying to be punctual so that other group members’ time can be respected and fully utilized, trying to experience the cultural ambient in order to have a more profound understanding of American culture……All of these principles will accompany us for a long time and act as a beacon of our life. Thank you, my friends in OSU, all the best wishes for you forever.

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  1. Sherry:

    You are very considerate and kind-hearted. We really appreciate you too, and it's so nice of you to post your thoughts to all the people in Columbus who make the program special.


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