Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some feelings about the trip. Stella

During the day ,what impressed me most is not the pretty coach bags ,is not the beautiful scenery along the way,even it is not what we saw in the slavery museum.Actually Mike's words has been around my mind for the whole day."People who understand both the eastern and the western culture can live the best of their lives."Indeed,having been in America for a week or more , culture difference , communication difficulties troubled us a lot.What I learnt from the gaps is that there is no completely good or bad things in this world,no matter country , things or people.The only thing we could do is to understand ,then make your own choice and finally adapt to it.I hate those high-calorie American food,but I do love the nice people in columbus,I enjoy the way people being polite and kind even to a stranger and the relaxing atmosphere in interpersonal things.So I am willing to sit with those nice people and tolerate the food,because I weigh inner feelings much more than taste buds.Or to make things better,I could cook my own healthy food and learn the way people act in Columbus.Always be warm to people who need help,always keep smiling no matter whether there is someone who watch you,just keep the way that makes you feeling comfortable .East or West,something combined the two may be the best.Understanding this will surely benefit us for a life time.

Thank to our kind American teachers,Mike ,Pete,Alisa and Hans,you have really helped us a lot.You are not tour guide,but you guide us the way to understand two different cultures.And sorry to you ,too.Sorry for being not punctual again and again,sorry for always not showing on the blog,sorry too many things.But we really love you a lot.

Still feel have more things to say,but it's too late now.Guys,goodnight.I really appreciate the trip with all of you!


  1. I cannot agree more with this "What I learnt from the gaps is that there is no completely good or bad things in this world,no matter country , things or people". Yes, when we were very young, we tend to distinguish things from good to bad. But now, we seem to know that no one can be absolutely a bad person since people hold different positions. Try to understand and tolerate the culture difference will make us more adaptable to new surroundings.

  2. Yes,the process of learning from each other always more meaningful than compete in a vicious circle!


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