Sunday, July 24, 2011

A wonderful day

I had a good time today.We went shopping this morning.As girls are crazy about shopping,my roommate had alreaady made a list and found that we have a lot of things to buy.When we arrived,I was too happy to express my feeling because of the wonderful stores.It's of excellent quality and reasonable price there.After 3 hours shopping,I bought a bag ,some clothes and shoes. after lunch ,we went to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center,which present the history of slavery and Civil War.The fisrt slaves from Afria arrived about 17th century.Slaves who under repression was desperate beacause they have no freedom and must do endless work every day.I can't image how awful and horrible the slaves life is.At that time ,white people discriminate against negroes.In 1861,Civil War broke and 11 south slaves states declare their secession and ask for freedom.I think Lincoln is a great president that he released slaves.I gained a lot from visiting the center.
I was really happy today.

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