Sunday, July 24, 2011

challenge yourself

Before i went to the rock climbing,i just feel a litter excited.but when it comes to my turn,it really scared me.after five or six steps,i was at the middle of the rock and i look around finding myself get stuck in the area,no way to go up and no way to go down.Pete and my friends are screaming to offer me some advise,but i heard that moment,there is only one sound in my head:it`s too high!it`s dangerous!it`s too high!it`s dangerous!and finally,i asked the safer to let me down.even though i have reached the ground,but my heart is still beating extremely fast and heavy.I just thought i could not make it.

but if that is the end,i won`t write this article.we all have weak point,but some body give up and they can`t over come it.and the other guys challenge to their weakness and they win.with my friends` encourage,i tried anther time,focusing my sprite on the rock and do my best to reach the higher stone.that is fun!and i found it`s great to see things in the the other time ,when you fail to do anything ,don`t give up.keeping trying and challenge yourself!i am sure you`ll make it.


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