Sunday, July 24, 2011

It was a great trip to visit the museum!

We went to the museum in Cincinnati yesterday,which was a good trip.The narrator was excellent,she told us the history of American slavery.I watched a lot and learned a lot.During our visit,there is a strong sense that American museums are different from those in China in the way of introducing history.When visiting the museums in China,we were merely told what happened at that time.I did learn about the historical events,but I felt that the people in history and the historical events were definitely far away from me.It didn't make me any difference.In other words,I can't figure out the relationships between the past and the present.However,when visiting this museum,I think it's good enough that people,to some extent,can participate in history.They can develop their own feelings .Sometimes,only if we are in the same conditions,can we turely understand what bad life the black lives.They use some easy ways to help us learn about the history of slavery.For instance,there may be some volunteers who go into the small boxes and tell us how they feel,afterwards,we were told that the slaves had to be there for 20 hours.As to them ,history is composed of individuals ,therefore,they focus on individuals.I could find that most of the videos were based on certain person,a slave's story was an epitome of all the people who lived under discrimination and bad treatment ,which enables us to sense the conditions of the slaves thoroughly and deeply.
During the visit,I found many black people there,maybe they wanted to know their past,but there were few white people.From my perspective,everyone ought to learn about the history at that time,it doesn't merely a history of the black people who fought for freedom,it was a country that fought for freedom,justice,equality.Everyone was involved in.

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