Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sorry for today,or the whole trip

  I am not always a punctual guy,which makes me a little embarrassed.Our group is always,or in some certain extent, doesn't have a sense of time,which is not fit my expect of our trip.
  In fact,I really have a great time here in Columbus.Mike,Pete and Hans are forever so responsible for our tour with great passion and patience.The plan is made so considerately,you will never find yourself too tired or too relax after a day's activity,such as visiting the zoo,going to the BBQ,having classes and so on.I can make me expressed how I appreciate all of this,for the friendly Americans.
  Yes,I do feel a little dimension of American's character ,Pete brought us to enjoy Shakespeare and always is very humorous ,Mike is always responsible despite the fact that he once lost his voice,Hans is so considerate for us and is pleased to help every time,but what we have done is making them disappointed .
  We aren't punctual at all,everyday and anytime.That's what I am very very sorry for them.They give us many many great experiences,but we always let them wait wait wait and wait.Our ears seldom open to their words,just take it granted...
  Today I really have fun and broaden my horizons , I love the museum's history,which is true ,really and it shows that Americans are brave enough to face the darkest time in American history,I admire their attitude.Each information give us a new view to that time, which I will never forget in the rest of my life.
  Then is the second shopping time.We are late for 15 minutes ,which leads to a delay for the bus returning.I'm sorry for that ,especially for Mike.We are meant doing that.
  Really sorry, at least I will be a punctual man,trust me.


  1. Will, thanks for your apology. We will all work to help you and all the students be more punctual and pay attention to meeting on time. This is something that is quite important in American culture and part of education is thinking about both the good habits and bad habits you have and trying to get better. Nice to hear you will try.

    Glad you had a good experience at the Underground Railroad and I'm going to put the link here, and at right in case you want to read more. There was SO MUCH at the museum to take in, and I think it would be nice to revisit some of it to catch the full meaning and history. Look for this in Links We Love!

  2. I can't agree more with you~ I feel so sorry, either. And we really should do better~

  3. We feel sorry for being late for the bus today, it's a terrible thing i believe when it's happening in US, but it is a great trip today, we appreciate it very much!

  4. Be punctual should be a common sense in a team, especially in nowadays where people admire efficiency a lot. And what is more, punctualality shows the respect to others. I think all of us should take it serious.
    Will you are so cute here +1~


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