Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feelings of this trip

I wasn't feeling well after visiting the museum. All of us are concerntrating on the slavery in history and in the future. In fact, we only get the information from textbooks and museums. Yeah, everyone knows the slavery from Africa to America, but few of us knows the slavery of our motherland in history. After Sino-British Opium War(1840), there's also slavery from China to Britain and America, as cruel as the Triangle Trade from Africa to America, nearly nobody alive after arriving at the destination. I still remember the words, "Sino-slaves were burnt different letters on their bodies according to the destination, and were forced to get onto the ship. Once there was slave died during the tour, slave holder would threw the body into the sea." Few of us know about this, and of course, I would never know if I didn't pick up a diplomatic history book in our library. The reason I'm writing here is that we don't seem to understand our own history.

Another thing I was thinking about is the abduction in the world. I regard it as another form of the slavery since it's harmful to the safety of citizens and our society. Actually, we don't dare to go out in the night (and sometimes I don't feel safe in the daytime...). Everyone could be kidnapped no matter how old he or she is, whenever and wherever they are. The worst is we eve don't know how to deal with the problem with the law. The most important to us is protect ourselves and keep doing something for forbidding the abduction.

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