Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Leaving the group

We will discuss this in the morning, but I want all students who will leave the group to take tests, be with relatives, stay in the dorm not feeling well, or any other reason, to make sure that I know the situation.  Safety has to be our first concern, and the last thing we want is to have any of you students walking alone in this city, or left alone in the dorm.   We have plenty of workers, assistants, and friends of the program, that no one has to do anything alone, nor should they.

There is strength in numbers, and we have to watch out for these situations.  We will discuss this in the morning, and hope you will have a good night of rest tonight.



  1. Hi mike. Thanks for being concerned about me. I am very well now and I think what happened today maybe because there are few people in the street where the 002 bus goes. I'm fine !

  2. Good Morning, Joy. I'm glad everything worked out and I hope you did very well on the test.

    I will say that you did exactly the right thing in calling yesterday afternoon. That's why you have Mike's, Hans' and my phone number around your neck at all times. That goes for all the students--we're always a phone call away.

    Remember, too, that the schedule is linked on the right side of this blog--if you forget where we are, you can check by clicking the "Daily Calendar of WTOSP Events."

    See you later today.


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