Saturday, July 23, 2011

The day to the art center

When we visit the art center on the Sunday morning, we saw a lot of fabulous art work there. The biggest difference of this art center from the ones I have visited in China is that we can involved ourselves more into the art work by DIY. I made a card there, on which I painted whatever I wanted to and I had a lot of fun of it.

The art, which can be displied in many ways, is such an amazing thing. The art works will tell the us many ideas, about the emotion, about the scenery, about whatever the artist wants to express. I can gain a lot from them. Maybe those works throw me into another space, a peaceful and different space~ to enjoy, enjoy and enjoy~

LOVE them,because they let me to think~

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  1. I'd love to see with you did when you Did It Yourself DIY. Fun to read your post, Claire and thanks for the nice pictures. We have so many good photographers on this trip.


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