Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I will come back some day!

This is the last day we stay in OHIO,I feel great pity because I really love the life here.All the people I've meet here are very hospitable.You can have great fun chatting with them.Although language is a big problem between us, but never mind,they're forever trying to understand you.And the gym is one of my favorite places here.You can find everyting you want.Exactly,I have to say that I'm a big fan in the video games there.Unfortunately,I haven't bought my swimming suits with me,so I can not enjoy the swimming pool which seems really cool.I do try to adapt to the food here.You know fried food in every meal nearly make me crazy.These food may seem more yummy without the fat.I have to mention that it's excellent to see the baseball games on the spot.
Well,in one word, when it's time to leave,I feel that time goes by so quick.I enjoy my stay here,and I love this place.Maybe I can make a goal that one day I will come back as a student in OSU.

Thanks to all of my teachers here,let's keep in contact in the future life!


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