Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We are not leaving!

We are going to leave OSU tomorrow which makes us really really sad... I love the beautiful scenery here, I love the nice people here and I love the peaceful life here and the most important is, we have so many wonderful moments here! Recall the beginning of the camp when we first arrived at Ohio state, when we first met Mike and Pete and when we first step on campus, everything seemed so cool and fabulous, though we are a little bit shy but we really felt comfortable as what Mike said. Though we still have one more week in the US, today's dinner did bring us some sadness about farewell. We've made a lot of friends here and we've learned a lot of things which are novel and cool. We learned to play baseball and we all did a good job on playing that yesterday. We learn how friendly Americans are, which used to be so abstract images since we were only told by others or seen on TV. Also, we learned to be responsible to others, we knew how to make a group more united. I love OSU!! We are not leaving!!!

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