Sunday, July 24, 2011

We shopped till we dropped!

We arrived at the outlet mall an hour early, which we thought was good because we could enjoy breakfast. I was surprised, though, the most of the group wanted to get the lay of the land before the stores opened so that they could shop efficiently once the stores opened. Pete, Mike, James, and I went to Waffle House, which is a classic American fast-food diner. I liked how interested James was in the different types of foods--he tried a lot of dishes, and seemed to enjoy them all.

I got tired of shopping a little early, so I figured I'd go to the food court and see who I could find. Most of the girls and some of the boys were still shopping, but there were some students enjoying lunch. I joked to them that it was easy to see them because they had so many shopping bags!
Here are more super-shoppers. I admired how thoughtfully and generously they chose gifts for family and friends.
The Wok & Roll: who would have thought that a Chinese-American restaurant in the middle of an American Outlet mall in the middle of nowhere, Ohio, would have the best Chinese food the students had tasted since coming to the USA? These guys told me that they hadn't felt homesick for China until they tasted the delicious food.
It was a great day--the Underground Railroad Museum was one of the best museums I've seen in a long time, and sandwiching that between outlet mall shopping trips was a nice treat.

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