Saturday, July 23, 2011


I really enjoy the activities these days here in OSU. You know I’m much into baseball game, so the baseball game we’ve seen this week is really a great feast for my eyes! Well, absolutely we can watch the games on TV, or we can just listen to the radio in order to keep track of the game, however, nothing can be better than just sitting in the baseball park and watch a game on spot. It’s quite interesting to figure out the feelings of the players, the other audiences, also the umpire and even the announcer. You do find a lot of fun there watching the games and the audience’s yelling at the umpire.

Although that game, our local team was behind and beat, but that’s OK! Because we do have baseball games every day, we do have practice every day, so if we fail in one game, that makes no sense in your future games, you just need to know that tomorrow is another day, and you can play better if you trust yourself! So if we have chance, maybe next time we will see the Columbus Clippers play quite many excellent homeruns in their game.

But I still feel great pity that we can’t have a baseball game together with our great baseball teacher Pete. So maybe next time in Wuhan, we’re longing for your coming and having a real baseball game with us! That must be very cool!!!

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  1. Hi Roddy:
    We'll have a chance to play on Monday (tomorrow) after lunch. The weather will be a little cooler and Mike has a great field right next to his house. I hope everyone remembers the rules. I'm really looking forward to it.

    I love your enthusiasm for the game.I think you've got the idea just right--that baseball helps to teach us how to be persistent and optimistic even if we fail at first. This is a valuable lesson in life, not just in baseball.

    See you soon.


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