Sunday, July 24, 2011

American People are so nice

Before I came to the USA, I have heard about that most of the American people are polite, but I can not imagine what it will be like. After all these days, I am touched by the nice people so deeply. Here are three little things I want to share.
When I go around the campus with two of my friends, using a map to distinguish the direction, a passenger just came to offer his help. We felt so warm at that moment. The warmth came from a stranger, an warm-hearted American boy.
Whenever we go across a street, the cars passing by will stop slowly to let us cross firstly, which is unbelievable in our country. In that case, the traffic accidents can be much fewer. Everyone of us take care a little, the world can be safe a lot.
Our great teachers, Mike, Pete, Hans, Alyssa, Miss Fang~ They are so nice! They are always so considerate and kind to us. They forgive our mistakes all the time without any complaint, but I really feel so sorry for what we have done bad. You teachers bring us a fabulous trip here and I appreciate it very much. It is you who tell me most how nice American people are! Thank you very much!

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  1. Agree! I also think about those people in the church who are sooooo nice and always smiling to us.


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