Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ohio State University

Ohio State University is a tranquil place to study.
I remember the day when we first arrived, the color of the buildings in the university made me think of
FuDan university in Shanghai which is quite well-known. Seeing the color, I felt calm.
Two weeks have passed now, I did enjoy the beautiful campus. It is a quiet place for young adults to search
for the truth of nature and human kind. But what surprised me most is the museum here in the university.
Before I came to US, I had imaged how nice the facilities will be, so all the beautiful facilities here
didn't shock me but the art museum. I donn't know how many students like the art museum in the Ohio State University.
But it doesn't matter, the catch is it is a reminder to all the students that essence of life in master's eyes. It's enough.
From the trip, I do see a better platform to develop the potential of students.

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  1. Oh~I can see what you want to express~ enjoy yourself, sister SEASON~


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